Foundry 42 - Star Citizen
Star Citizen: Breakdown
I was responsible for creating most of the modular environment assets used throughout the interior of the station. I also created some exterior FPS assets which were used outside to break up the landing pads as well as modelling exterior station assets. Interior and FPS exterior assets use a pixel density of 512px/m whilst the exterior station assets use a strict 256px/m to avoid noticeable tiling and also to make sure that the scale is consistent.

I also did a lot of optimization for both exterior and interior assets by reducing draw calls and creating LODs.
All the assets use custom normals and texture mapping.

When I started working on this station set most of the texture layout were already created by other artist, I only tweaked gloss/diffuse and blends for some of the materials.
I have however since then had experience creating textures and materials from scratch using this pipeline.

All the interior and FPS exterior assets share the same master material and is created using tiling, trim and panel materials as well as POM(Parallax occlusion) decals.
All of the individual materials use a diffuse, gloss, displacement and normal map. Most of the materials also have a vertex driven blend material and detail map.

Hover over images. Parts coloured is done by other artists
Crusader station interior Crusader station interior

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